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SRIYHA Board of Directors Statement Regarding Scheduling

10/06/2017, 9:15am EDT

Statement Regarding Scheduling Past October 8th


SRIYHA Parents,

The SRIYHA Board and our coaches have received a number of inquiries as to why there is a lack of scheduling past this weekend. Earlier this year Southern New England Hockey Conference (SNEHC) made the decision that the period between the start of the season through Columbus Day would be utilized as a parity round of play to ensure fairness of competition and equal skill level of play for the betterment of the divisions and the satisfaction of both player and parent. We at SRIYHA agreed with the decision and support it fully. Any change in scheduling can be difficult and the byproduct of this is that the schedule is yet to be completed past this weekend and our practice schedule cannot be finalized until we know what ice slots SNEHC has utilized so we will all need to be at the ready for when it does. We have pasted below a letter we received from the SNEHC president this morning and felt it necessary to keep you all informed on the procedures so that if your team is effected and the division is changed you know the reason why. Please reserve your questions if you have any until after the changes (if any to your team) are announced. Should you have one at that point please email the SRIYHA Board at


SRIYHA Board of Directors


Good morning Everyone,

Hope all are having a good season as things seem to be going along pretty smooth.  As you are all aware this was our first season doing a parity season leading into the balance of the season.  The goal for this was to ensure that teams/players have more competitive games throughout the season.

We met last night to go over all of the data that has been reported so far and we feel as though we have a pretty clear picture of the changes that need to occur.

I will be sending out individual emails to each of the programs that will be effected.  We need this to be reviewed today as we would like to start to build the schedule over the weekend.  This will be done to allow a short period of time for any changes prior to the schedule being locked.  Once we lock the schedule any changes after that point will go into the normal process and will be charged accordingly.  I cannot stress enough that we need everyone to assist us in this next week to make sure all goes smooth for the balance of the season. 

Thanks in advance for all of your assistance.

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