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Travel Player Tryout Fee $150.00

Travel Goalie Tryout Fee $0.00

(Must still register in advance)


Players who tryout and are selected for a travel team will have the tryout fee applied to the tuition for the 2019/2020 season. Players who tryout for a team and are not selected for a travel tryout team but elect to skate in our house program will have the travel tryout fee applied to the house league tuition for the 2019/2020 season. Players who tryout and elect not to participate at SRIYHA for the 2019/2020 season will not be refunded the travel tryout fee.


Evaluation Process

Tryouts will consist of a 3-night evaluation process in which players are measured on skills and in game abilities. When arriving at Boss Area each player must check in and are issued a tryout jersey with their identifying number each night (jerseys are handed back in after each night). Evaluations are conducted by members of the SRI community selected by the board of directors and the on-ice coordinator.  Evaluators (5-7 per night) rate the players on a scale each night and submit the scores to the off-ice coordinator only. Scores are then compiled over the 3-night period and then averaged to determine final player rankings. Rankings are then utilized, and teams are selected before the player names are associated with the jersey number. This double-blind method ensures players make teams based on skill and ability. In the event player ranking result in too many players on a team coaches evaluations submitted prior to tryouts are reviewed an utilized to properly place the players.

Players that compete on existing teams that are returning to the same level are not guaranteed a spot on the same team the following year. Players must earn their spots year over year.


Team Selection

Teams will be announced 2-3 weeks following tryouts. Selections are not up for review or debate. Once SRIYHA has posted the teams players will need to be registered with SRIYHA and a travel deposit of $150 will need to be paid to hold the roster spot for the coming year by April 12th. Travel deposits are non-refundable and are applied to the 2019/2020 tuition. Players not registered, and deposits paid will be subject to loss of roster spot. Should a selected team lose players the player rankings will be used to uplift a player on to the next team. In the event that a player is not selected to a travel team player rankings will be used to call back players to offer the player a roster spot.