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SRIYHA joins South Coast Hockey League

By SRIYHA, 04/17/20, 8:15PM EDT


SRIYHA joins South Coast Hockey League

SRIYHA Families,

First let me wish you well during this very difficult time in our lives. We have reached a point now were we are all impacted by this pandemic and I know I cannot wait for sports to return to our lives to help ease the tension this has brought upon us. I write to you today with some good news for our organization for the coming year.

For the last few months, the leadership of the local youth hockey organizations in Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts have been meeting to discuss how we want to operate as a league now and in the future. I am pleased to say the direction and vision we all want for youth hockey is a shared one amongst all the organizations. Youth hockey should be about fun, development, competition, and sportsmanship, not how big the number is at the bottom line. With that in mind we set forth to create a new league that is not for profit but for the key elements and ideals we hold true.

I am happy to announce to you all that the Southern Rhode Island Youth Hockey Association Jr. Rams will compete next year in the South Coast Hockey League! The SCHL is a league designed to promote fun, competitive youth hockey built around some of the great town-based programs in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. South Coast Hockey League is registered as a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization dedicated to keeping youth hockey affordable for families in the region.

In this endeavor we are joined by the following organizations competing in divisions from U8 through U18.

Burrillville Broncos

CRI Knights

Devils Hockey

Gateway Gladiators

Greater Providence Jr. Bears

Lower Cape Coyotes

Martha’s Vineyard Mariners

Nantucket Nor’easters

Newport Whalers

NRI Vikings

SWS Chiefs

Warwick Wave / Jr. Blues

We are excited to make this change to the youth hockey landscape in our region. This change allows the organizations to run the league with a board of directors constituted of one member per organization and have those initiatives executed by a commissioner of the league. Initiatives that will RETURN to the league this coming year are: The Player of the Week and the Brick Wall Club. New initiatives for the coming year will be a Non-Checking Bantam C Division, and instituting minimum games played for playoff eligibility requirements. Additional initiatives for the league will be the formation of a girl’s division by either team or a regional co-op of organizations and an all-league team constituted of players from all organizations to compete together in a few select tournaments.

I invite you all to check out the SCHL’s new website at In the coming months there will be additional content, schedules, program notes, operating procedures, and information that will be up to date and easily accessible. The divisions and projected teams have already been populated to the site, now we just need to have tryouts!


I am thrilled to announce this change to you all today and convey that the strength and bond the local organization have has never been stronger. This change is a positive step back to the roots of hockey in our area and only makes us stronger together. I wish you all well and hope this provides some happiness and enthusiasm for the coming year once we are able to open the doors to Boss Arena.

Very Best Wishes,

Jordan M. Novak Sr.

President – SRIYHA