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Supplemental Tuition of $495.00 Per Player 

16 Additional Games in the EJEPL Futures Silver or Gold Division

2 Showcases (4 Games Each in August (Mid-Atlantic) and October Rhode Island Area)) + 4 Home Games and 4 Away Games 

FAQ (for 10U, 12U, & 14U Age Players*)

*Subject to Head Coach Approval

My player already signed up for an SRI  travel team - will this schedule conflict?

Unlikely.  Our scheduler will coordinate with the EJEPL scheduler for SRI Smythe Squirt and Peewee level teams to work towards no conflicts and minimize travel burdens.

How does this program compare with other programs?

This participants in most club program cite two reasons for joining these programs: appropriate level of competition and coaching.  The showcase event in August aims to ensure parity in competition for teams at each level.  The coaching will also be on par with many club programs offering professional skills coaches as well have highly qualified head coaches with college and/or junior experience. Finally the cost of this program  is lower than most other other club programs.

My player plays full time on a non SRI / SNEHC team, will he be able to play on the SRI EJEPL team?

Yes. Should your player be selected if there is a need to augment an existing SRIYHA roster there would be an upfront discussion with the coach as to the level of commitment for a full time player or alternate.  Most every other league has minimal or no restrictions on players playing additionally for a locally affiliated or “town” team.  The decisions on level of commitment will be made by the coaching staff of the team the player is trying out for and their advisors.  Players not playing on an SRI travel team will have to purchase SRI game jerseys, socks and pant-shells (cost of $150) as well as utilize a black, blue, or white helmet and gloves.

Can players “play up” at a level higher than their age group?

Yes.  We will generally try to field the most competitive team we can at every level which means generally squirts will play with squirts etc., but this is not a “birth year” program.  So a player deemed a 10U can play up to 12U if that is in the best interests of the program and team as determined by the coaches and program advisors.

How many spots will be on the roster and how will ice time be determined?

The EJEPL roster is capped at 20 players including goalies; however, we will likely start the season of each team with a core of 10-14 full time players and continue at that level utilizing alternates to get to the appropriate level of players for each game.  We may or may not reach that level if players on the SRI roster opt not to participate.  Players signing up and paying as full time will be entitled to dress every game, and are expected to make most games regardless of location.   Players deemed as alternates need to play at least 5 regular season games to be eligible for the playoffs.

In most instances for regular season games (including showcases) the goal will be every position player dressed will get a regular shift (every second or third shift depending on position and ability); however, during the course any particular game a coach may decide not to “roll lines”, or give some players extra or less time whether they are full time or alternates.

Parents and guardians are expected to behave appropriately per USA hockey zero tolerance guidelines and also refrain from contacting the coach regarding games or practices for 24 hours after completion unless it is a safety issue (e.g., no questions on playing time, strategy, on bench discipline etc. within 24 hrs).  The SRI board reserves the right to terminate participation for any player, parent or coach in the program at any time without refund based on inappropriate behavior.